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About Ankarsrum Motors

Industrial equipment designers benefit from CAD systems that allow greater flexibility and creativity in design and that allow them to work on existing designs without having to worry about breaking constraints and re-educating themselves on the structure of the model.

For Ankarsrum Motors, a maker of industrial equipment based in Sweden, IronCAD provided their solution by offering a system that does not require a user to administer constraints. IronCAD’s Freedom architecture allows Ankarsrum Motors to create industrial equipment designs quickly and efficiently, without the inherent problems associated with constraint based traditional CAD systems like Pro/E, SolidWorks etc.

Ankarsrum Motors are now over 100% more productive in their industrial equipment design group. Now its designers can open up previously created designs without having to worry about the constraints setup in the model and can manipulate the designs without the fear of breaking the models’ structure. Ankasrum’s engineers are able to act as designers, in other words, rather than as CAD users. They can design without having to pre-visualize the final model.