IronCAD Announces COMPOSE Mobile 2016

IronCAD Compose Mobile – Communicate-Collaborate-Configure-Anywhere

ATLANTA, GA. March 11th, 2016 — IronCAD, a leading provider of design productivity solutions, today announced their latest version of IronCAD COMPOSE Mobile, the iOS version of the ground breaking IronCAD COMPOSE product. IronCAD COMPOSE Mobile allows designers the ability to effectively share designs securely throughout the organization and with customers. IronCAD COMPOSE Mobile is a valuable tool for communicating 3D design concepts directly on a mobile device anywhere at any time. The download is currently free to everyone from designers wishing to share their designs to a sales person presenting their company’s products at the point of sale.

Teams can read data from any CAD system (in standard or native formats) into the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite (DCS) desktop products and publish these to the COMPOSE Mobile app and use them just as if they were directly created in IronCAD design applications. Even add intelligence to your imported models to offer configuration capabilities on the mobile device.

Using IronCAD COMPOSE Mobile, interrogate the geometry, add commentary, configure new assemblies, and share the designs back to IronCAD DCS users for further collaboration in real-time which dramatically reduces your time-to-market.

This latest release boasts improved graphical performance, extends the usability, and covers more configuration capabilities to enhance collaboration with customers. View larger assemblies in the latest version with improved graphical performance. Select multiple components to reposition them all at once for faster design concepts. Extend your component library by making use of design variations created in IRONCAD and INOVATE. These provide more options of your products allowing more accurate configuration concepts with customers and sales teams. Once complete with the configuration, share the secure graphical data back with IRONCAD/INOVATE and with a single click, convert the data to real modeling data that the design team can use to verify and complete the design of the final products.

Cary O’Connor, Vice President of Marketing at IronCAD, stated, “The latest version of IronCAD COMPOSE Mobile extends all aspects of the usability of the product when communicating with customers and sales teams. Collaborating with secure lightweight data in 3D with customer’s to intelligently configure assemblies has now become more powerful and decreases the production time of the customer specified products.”

Download the latest version at or from the Apple App Store.


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